Water Is Life
Donate to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to thousands who are in desperate need. Your donation will save lives and transform communities - short and long-term. Please indicate on your check or in the memo field of PayPal if you would like your donation to go toward a specifc WiL project. Thank you for making a difference!  Like us on Facebook to follow the impact of your donations. WATERisLIFE is a 501(c)3 TAX ID #26-4470550. Better Business Bureau A Rating  Donate By Mail:  For those who prefer to donate by mail, send check to: WATERisLIFE P.O.Box 7481  Edmond, OK 73083-7481 

PROJECT INDIA  - Watch Girl Who Couldn't Cry
Straw Filter for Orphanages, Medical Clinic and Schools - $10
Household Bucket Filter for a family - $40 
Hygiene Education and Sanitation Training- $250
Water Well Development - $500+
Book development - $100 
PROJECT HAITI  - Watch First World Problems
Straw Filter for school children and medical clinics - $10
Household Bucket Filter for a family - $40
Water Well Development - $500+
PROJECT KENYA - Watch 4 Year Old's Bucket List
Household Bucket Filter for a Maasai Family - $40
Hygiene Education and Materials  $200
Hand washing station - $300
Water Well Development - $500+
PROJECT GHANA - Watch Ghana A Simple Story
Straw Filter for School Children - $10 
Household Bucket Filter for a family - $40
Hygiene Education and Materials - $200
Sanitation Program Development - $500+