When making a donation, is that donation tax deductible?

WATERisLIFE is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations are tax deductible. Funds go to providing sustainable clean water solutions, hygiene education and sanitation programs globally. EIN 26-4470550.


How much of my donation goes to overhead costs?

The WATERisLIFE village is made up of supporters and donors like you that understand the major impact their donation has on WiL’s everyday operations. These donors believe in the work that we do and help cover a portion of WATERisLIFE’s operating costs, which move our projects forward. The WiL village is a group of people who believe their time and money will be paid back tenfold by helping transform lives. Please contact info@waterislife.com to find out more about how you can be a WATERisLIFE village member and support operating and administrative costs. (You know, those pesky paper clips, printer ink, daily expenses and lights.)

How much of my donation goes to help save lives?

Private donations go directly to providing short- and long-term water, sanitation and hygiene solutions around our globe.


Can I get a job at WATERisLIFE?

WATERisLIFE is made up of a team of WiL Volunteer Ambassadors. Maybe you have anywhere from 20 minutes to multiple hours a day or a week you want to use for a positive purpose. If so, please consider volunteering with WATERisLIFE to help create change in our world! Learn more at You+WiL.


Can I get a Straw, Bucket Filter or Drinkable Book for personal use?

WATERisLIFE filters and The Drinkable Book are not available for purchase for individual use. Each filter we produce is intended to go directly to those in desperate need in developing countries. Other filters are available in the U.S. at backpacking and sporting goods stores. Because we are an organization that is based on volunteer in-country ambassadors, each filter travels with teams to provide clean water to those who would otherwise not have access.