Water Is Life

Maybe you have anywhere from 20 minutes to multiple hours a day or week you want to use for a positive purpose. If so, please consider volunteering with WATERisLIFE and help us save some lives!

Filter Packaging - Oklahoma WiL Office: 
We're looking for people who would be good at repacking and organizing boxes of filters. When shipments of filters arrive, many times the boxes have to be repackaged to send with field teams. 

Miscellaneous Office Work - Oklahoma and Arizona Offices: The WATERisLIFE offices are in need of your help in preparing information and contacting groups and organizations to help with fundraising initiatives.  Office admin assistance is needed with day to day tasks as well as fundraisers and public event coordination.

Coordinating schools: Do you like to talk to students? We need people who are qualified to speak to schools all over the country.  The ChangeIT campaign is engaging many schools all over the US. We are creating WiL Ambassadors in various states that would be able to speak, manage demonstrations, and help encourage the schools and universities with their fundraising goals and initiatives.

Social Networking:  Are you a social media guru? Or do you just like hanging out on Facebook a lot? If you have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Gowalla, Buzz etc., we would love to have your help in spreading the word through any of your social media networks.

Interested in any of the volunteer opportunities above? Please