WATERisLIFE’s mission is to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene programs. Saving Lives. Transforming Communities.

WATERisLIFE is about impact, showing donors and supporters how lives are being changed. WiL provides clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need. We provide opportunities for others to be involved through fundraising and field project implementation. The global water crisis can be daunting. At WATERisLIFE, we focus on making an impact community by community.

Through community-driven and community-engaged programs, WATERisLIFE works closely with nonprofit partners, local governments and community organizations to focus on an

integrated approach that ensures households, schools, orphanages and medical facilities have access to safe water, proper sanitation and hygiene programs. The results of our work change everything. Hours are restored each day. Women can use their time to learn a trade, start a business and receive an income. Children can receive an education. Clean water will reduce sickness by almost a third.

We not only provide temporary, life-saving water filtration straws for the immediate need, but WiL is also committed to developing community-driven initiatives that will continue to save thousands of lives for generations to come.

An integrated approach of providing water, sanitation and hygiene reduces the number of deaths caused by diarrheal diseases by an average of 65%.
- World Health Organization

WATERisLIFE is dedicated to making a dramatic impact and saving lives all over the world by utilizing an integrated program to transform entire villages.


Create community water, sanitation and hygiene Action Groups to collaborate on development of self-sustaining, long-term water, hygiene and sanitation programs in communities, schools, medical clinics and orphanages.


Distribute WATERisLIFE straw filters to partner villages and during disaster situations to provide an immediate clean water solution to save lives.