Safe Water for Everyone

By Evan Keen

Everyone deserves drinkable water. "4,100 children under the age of five" die of water-related diseases each day. I want to change these statistics. Many people have made solutions to solve this problem, even in very simple ways. The WiL Filter Straw is s...

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Nov 11, 2017


Case's 1st Birthday

By Olivia Clark

I know I’m blessed with many Things some other boys don’t get, I’ve got lots of toys, a ton of clothes And even one great pet, I don’t need any gifts to Celebrate this event, But if you feel you have to give, I want it to be w...

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Dec 16, 2017


Providing safe water one glass at a time

By Nicole Van liew

Everyday 1 in 5 children die from a waterborne illness and 663 million people lack access to safe water. The global water crisis does exist, and we can solve it. I am a supporter of finding ways to resolve this critical water situation because I have seen...

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Dec 19, 2017


W.O.W. (Waves of Water)

By Steven Reuss

Waves of Water (W.O.W.), in partnership with WATERisLIFE, is a 100% non-profit organization with a mission to save lives and transform communities by providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene programs to countries in need around the planet. We can fix...

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Feb 28, 2018


CHS Coyotes for Change: One Straw at a Time

By Allyson Gerard

Students at Calabasas High School are dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the WATERisLIFE campaign. Please donate and help this amazing cause! A donation can supply individuals with the invaluable gift of filtered water and can change the lives o...

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Jun 14, 2018


Clean Water for Africa

By Patti Jury

People in Africa drink contaminated water on a regular basis and their children are dying from water borne illnesses. An estimated 801,000 children younger than 5 years of age perish from diarrhea each year. This means that about 2,200 children are dyin...

$3,950 Raised $10,000 Goal

End Date:
Dec 06, 2018