In many parts of the world, a community's water source is a man-made lake or dugout. These dugouts "catch" the water during rainy season and store it for the year. Although contamination issues are inherent in an open-water dugout, it may be the only viable source for storing water. Geology, remoteness and several other factors prevent implementation of other solutions. In these installations, WATERisLIFE always provides point-of-use filters to households for clean drinking water.




There are many ways to protect open water sources from contamination. WATERisLIFE uses fencing to protect open-water sources and create long-term safe water access. Putting fencing around dugouts (man-made ponds) to keep animals out of the water source is critical to the health of the community. WATERisLIFE also caps hand-dug, open wells, installs hand pumps, and encloses natural springs, piping the water to protect the spring's integrity.

Government Partnership Water Connections

Many water solutions can involve connecting to existing clean water sources and piping the water to households or, more commonly, centralized water distribution points within a community. These clean water sources include natural springs and government water companies. This solution provides sustainable safe water access and can transform the lives of an entire community.