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If we each find and save change, it really adds up — washing machine coins, pennies in shopping store parking lots, nickels or dimes in the couch. Together, we can give the gift of water, saving thousands if not millions of lives.

The Change iT program is about fundraising with coins to help WATERisLIFE deliver clean water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to millions in need.

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Change It


WATERisLIFE matches schools and groups with villages in need. The change collected by your group will provide the village with water filters, a long-term water source, and health and hygiene training that can transform their community.

Please contact us at if you are interested in partnering with a village in need.

Kids Helping Kids

Schools can easily create and implement an educational curriculum that links the WATERisLIFE Change iT campaign directly to daily learning opportunities. For example:


Create counting and math opportunities as change is collected and calculated.


Create a location and cultural study of partner communities or communities in need (map reading, GPS locations, terrain, agriculture, etc.).


Study the contents of the WATERisLIFE straw and how it protects against waterborne diseases; explore water usage in our city, state and country; create a science fair project about water and its global impact; or create a project depicting where our water comes from.


Create essays on the global water crisis, local water conservation and what it would be like to walk for water, or research government actions.

Here are a few ideas that could get you started in your creative and educational implementation:

  • Build a well in the lobby or main gathering area for small change collection.

  • Host Water Wednesday Fact Day and create an opportunity for each class to share knowledge/facts about water or culture.

  • Utilize Change iT posters to decorate and excite your school or group.

  • Host an assembly and demonstrate the use of WATERisLIFE straw filters (creating and drinking dirty water), or show how people in the world carry water in buckets for many miles each day.

  • Share WATERisLIFE photos and images of children (from, with their joyous faces, names and ages to show the impact we all can make.

  • Utilize WATERisLIFE bracelets to team together, remind others to help solve the crisis and stimulate outside interest.

  • Kenya Bucket List Video: Collect change in buckets for one week to bring bucket filters to Kenyan families.

  1. Register your school or group for the Change iT program. Register Now.

  2. WATERisLIFE can match your group with a community or you can participate in the Change iT program for communities currently in need.

  3. Create a timeline or goal for your program.

  4. Create an educational curriculum/cultural information program.

  5. Create a communication plan to tell others about your program.

  1. Begin your Change iT program by collecting change and watch it catch on. Send your donations to: WATERisLIFE, P.O. Box 7481, Edmond, OK 73083.

  2. Receive updates on the impact you are making and the lives being transformed.

  3. Distribute filters. Research opportunities for your school or group members to participate in a WATERisLIFE distribution trip or community visit.

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