WATERisLIFE is made up of a team of WiL Volunteer Ambassadors. Maybe you have anywhere from 20 minutes to multiple hours a day or a week you want to use for a positive purpose. If so, please consider volunteering with WATERisLIFE to help create change in our world!


Do you have a gift to tell compelling stories? We need people to organize speaking opportunities all over the country. The Change iT program is engaging thousands of WiL partners who are hoping to make an impact in the lives of others. We are seeking WiL Volunteer Ambassadors to tell true, life-changing stories from our Field Teams, manage presentations, and help encourage businesses, schools, churches and universities in their fundraising goals and initiatives.


Are you a social media addict, connected with friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn? We have a job for you! Help us share stories and messages of change all over the world through your social media channels. The WiL stories are incredible, and with your help we can share the impact our donors and partners are making.


Want to change the world, learn about new cultures, build relationships with incredible people, AND save lives and transform communities? Field Team costs range from $1,500 to $4,500 per person based on international airfares and in-country expenses. Contact us if you are interested in organizing a team to fundraise and travel to make an awesome change in our world! Consider joining a WATERisLIFE Field Team and rock someone's world — including your own.

We have WiL Volunteer Ambassadors all over the world. Is it time for you to be a WiL Volunteer Ambassador? Give us a shout at info@waterislife.com, and we will get you started!