Liters Provided
Liters Provided

Introducing WATERisLIFE Bottled Water

We know life is short. Every choice you make should be meaningful, even the way you hydrate…That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of WATERisLIFE bottled water.

100% of the profits from WATERisLIFE bottled water are donated toward ending the World Water Crisis, using the most cutting-edge technology available. If you’ve already purchased a bottle and spread the message, thank you! This global reality requires immediate attention, and your contribution is truly making a difference.

Combine the pure taste of WATERisLIFE water with the groundbreaking philanthropic mission behind WATERisLIFE and you have the most unique, meaningful H20 experience on the market. Change is in your hands, literally.


You don’t join a trend by drinking WATERisLIFE, you join a movement.



How is it possible?

Meet New Age Beverages Corporation
Based in Denver, Colorado, New Age Beverages Co. has an inspirational vision and culture oriented around a portfolio of healthy beverages that help consumers achieve a healthy mind, body, and world.

WATERisLIFE and New Age share the same goal: to make health and happiness accessible for people around the globe. New Age shares their brand platform and capabilities with WATERisLIFE so that we may extend our reach exponentially to serve all of those in need.

If everyone decides to give a little today, we can make big changes tomorrow. When it comes to massive global change, every person matters. And when every person matters, the donation can be small. It can be a dollar, a bottle of water, or a bottle of your favorite healthy beverage…

How will you give?


The New Age Portfolio
New Age offers a delicious and wide variety of other health beverages, including: Búcha, Live Kumbucha, Xing Tea, Xing Energy, Coco Libre, One Drop, Mellow Mood, Marley Yerba Mate, Aspen Pure Probiotic Water, Aspen Pure pH, and PediaAide - New age gives you 10 different ways to help end the World Water Crisis.

You might notice that each of these refreshing products are beginning to featurea WATERisLIFE logo. That’s because a portion of the proceeds from all other New Age’s beverages benefit WATERisLIFE.

Give water by drinking water and
together we can #EndItToday!