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Liters Provided

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and "PURA VIDA" (pure life). Regardless of its green and clean reputation, there is a crisis in Costa Rica. In rural areas the problems of sanitation and agricultural runoff have created huge problems for the families. The nation’s problems are compounded by the number of tourists straining their resources. 

It has been confirmed that arsenic is in the national water source of Costa Rica. Costa Ricans have some of the highest rates of gastric cancer, likely related to the poisonous pesticides appearing in water sources. WATERisLIFE takes volunteer teams to teach sanitation and hygiene in the schools and distribute water straws to the children in the impacted areas. The straw filters give them relief from the contaminants in their water source. WATERisLIFE has helped over 12 schools throughout the country, and is now working to bring safe water to the “Punta de Corona” Talamanca communities, and the Sixaola region.

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