Liters Provided
Liters Provided


WATERisLIFE has delivered thousands of personal water filters to Haiti post-earthquake and during the cholera epidemic. We continue to bring clean water and hygiene programs to Haitians who go without basic needs each day. Our #FirstWorldProblems Hashtag Killer video is still positively influencing millions of people. In 2017, it was spoofed by Comedy Central to collect donations and laughs. 

By poking a little fun at ourselves, WATERisLIFE has used the funds donated to bring thousands of people safe water in Haiti. Our long term objective for Haiti is to see EVERY person with access to safe water. By installing 1,000 of our solar and wind powered water treatment plants all over the country, we would take 10,000,000 people (the entire population of Haiti) out of the world water crisis. 

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