Liters Provided
Liters Provided

Puerto Rico

The recent events in Puerto Rico have caught attention worldwide. After the hurricane, WATERisLIFE immediately sent straw filters and portable water treatment systems to the hardest hits areas. Our teams continue to go into the island. WATERisLIFE’s current goal is to install 40 of our SunSpring solar and wind powered water treatment plants into the NW part of the island. It will be months before power is restored in this region. Each unit will provide 20,000 liters of safe water per day, and electricity for charging cell phones and other devices. Additionally, each unit will be equipped with a wifi hub to provide internet access to people, so they can communicate with family and friends. 
Juan Pardro is one of the WATERisLIFE volunteers working in Puerto Rico.  He is as restaurateur, in Denver. Bardow, Senor Bears, Tap and Burger and (the other ones he has going) Hear his first hand story of being at ground zero providing food, water filters and medical supplies to the people of Puerto Rico.   Juan’s Story. 

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Installing a Sun Spring in 30 seconds/ 00:36
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