Liters Provided
Liters Provided

WATERisLIFE helps communities access clean water by every means possible, including but not limited to the most innovative technologies, drilling/pumps, and excavation.

The SunSpring

A literal lifesaver.

The SunSpring, founded by Jack Barker, Innovative Water Technologies, is the only solar water treatment system on the planet that is WQA Gold Seal Certified to the US EPA Standard for microbiological water purifiers. It is a stand-alone and self-contained solar and wind-powered filtration unit with an automated self-cleaning maintenance system. Bet you can’t say that ten times fast. 

What does it do? 

Using its proprietary GE nanotube filtration technology, the SunSpring removes 99% of particulate matter, turbidity, bacteria, viruses, and cysts dirtying any water source, from murky rivers to buckets of rainwater. One SunSpring can filter up to 5,000 gallons of clean water per day for 10 years and beyond. Splish-splash. 

It sounds too good to be true… But it’s true. 

There are already 400+ SunSpring units filling up cups around the globe. And while children under 5 get a renewed chance at life, SunSpring units help a community focus on growth through healthcare, economy, and education. 

SunSpring: A building block of economy

Imagine a village that charges its people five cents for a ten-gallon jug of water. While that number seems minute, it can provide enough profits to lift a community out of poverty and into recovery. The SunSpring machine also serves as a power source where citizens can charge their cell-phones for just a penny or two. The SunSpring redefines microenterprise in terms where entire communities transform

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WATERisLIFE new Clean Sip Straw Filters

Straw filters are for personal use to cleanse water from any source. These filters provide safe water during times of crisis or daily use.  

How does it work?

Inside the WATERisLIFE straw are membranes, patented filter material, and active carbon, which removes the taste and medium size bacteria. The technology protects against waterborne bacteria and viruses like typhoid, cholera, E. coli, dysentery and diarrhea.

The smaller filters use new groundbreaking technology to cover a broader range of contaminates. Additionally, these filters deal with heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and aluminum, arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, cadmium, giardia, E Coli, algae, hydrogen sulfide, cholera, and typhoid.

Making a Difference

Each WATERisLIFE straw filter will provide hundreds of liters of clean water (typical use is 2-3 liters of water per day per person). Once it is no longer effective, the straw will stop being able to draw water.

$10 puts a filter into the hands of a person who desperately needs it.  

If your group or organization would like to obtain straws for your work, please contact: info@WATERisLIFE.com


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Bucket Filter Systems

The Nano Bucket System

Each Nano Bucket System provides a family a nearly unlimited supply of bacteriologically safe water. Each filter uses Nano tube technology with filtration to 0.1 micron.  

Bundles of Nano tubes are looped and sealed at one end of the filter.  As water passes through the meter-long tube, it pushes the water through the filter and tiny pores block bacteria and other contaminates. The flow rate is approximately 1 liter per minute. Back-flushing the filter with clean water after each use ensures the family years of use. 

Making a Difference

Give a family years of clean water by sponsoring a Nano Bucket System for $40.

If your group or organization would like to purchase Nano Bucket Kits for your next trip, contact: info@WATERisLIFE.com

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Ceramic Bucket Systems

Our bucket filter systems remove waterborne bacteria through a three-stage filtration process:

Stage 1: Submicron Filtration
The outer ceramic layer removes particulate matter, bacteria and cysts very efficiently at .2 microns.

Stage 2: Sterilization
Water passes through the colloidal silver within the ceramic layer, which sterilizes the water and eliminates the growth of bacteria.

Stage 3: Granular Activated Carbon
Water passes through the granular activated carbon, which absorbs chlorine, foul taste and odors, and organic chemicals.

Making a Difference

The bucket filter is the simplest form of water filtration and can filter 5,000 gallons of water for 5-7 years depending on maintenance. The WiL Ceramic Bucket Filter costs approximately $40 per unit. They are purchased locally to support the economy and ensure future availability.

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The Drinkable Book

This is the kind of book you don’t want to put down! In partnership with Dr. Theresa Dankovich from Carnegie Mellon, WATERisLIFE introduced The Drinkable BookTM.

What Is It?

It’s the first ever manual that provides safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education — all in one! Each page is a literal water filter inscribed with hygiene and sanitation education. We’re in the process of producing the book in different languages with varying teaching methods to enhance the educational aspect.

Making a Difference

Each book can provide a user with clean water for up to four years. WATERisLIFE has introduced a campaign to move into full production of The Drinkable Book™. With your help, we can implement the books as a part of our WASH approach, as well as make the books available for global partner distribution. 

Contact info@waterislife.com to learn more about WATERisLIFE's Drinkable Book™ availability and global partner distribution.

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For many communities, drilling a borehole well is the most effective long-term solution. This process transitions a community from an unsafe and unreliable water source to a well or borehole with a handpump. 

WATERisLIFE uses varying type of drill rigs, depending on the area’s geology and accessibility:

What does it do? 

  1. A large, sophisticated (and usually hydraulic) drilling rig, which is a larger investment in capital but provides a greater return. This technology can drill hundreds of feet and potentially create long-term water access for a $5,000-$35,000 investment.
  2. A small conventional rig. Small cable-tool rigs, small trailer-mounted hydraulic rigs and unconventional mechanical rigs are lower-cost options — and appropriate for many situations. In this case, wells can be drilled for less than $8,000 (including software and hardware).
  3. A human-operated drill, such as the Water4 drill rig.This technique keeps costs and technical sophistication to a minimum, with potential for both a clean drinking water supply and small irrigation well construction. This type of well can cost a few hundred to a few thousand U.S. dollars, depending on location.

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At this stage, many areas of the developing world rely on a hand pump as the main water supply. But hand pumps can wear down quickly with high-volume use. Tens of thousands of hand pumps out there need simple repairs. WATERisLIFE offers a robust program in pump repair and replacement. The program incorporates modifying hand-dug wells to install covers and hand pumps. 

Making a Difference

WATERisLIFE teams install and repair submersible pumps, including solar pumps. Depending on the country, the types of pumps we use include India MK II and III, Afridev, Vergnet, Bush and Water4 Access pumps.

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Excavation & Protection

Many developing communities rely on a man-made lake or dugout as their water source. Dugouts and other rainwater systems catch rainfall during the rainy season and store it for the year. This strategy is extremely vulnerable to contamination issues. WATERisLIFE works with these communities to build fences around these rainwater catching systems to protect it from animals and other contamination threats.

Making a Difference

WATERisLIFE provides point-of-use filters to households to cleanse the water sourced from dugouts.

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Potable Aqua NEW

Potable Aqua® PURE Electrolytic Water Purifier

Smallest, easiest, and most cost-effective purification device available. Patented technology utilizes a simple brine (salt & water) mixture to produce a disinfectant solution capable of purifying even the dirtiest water.

Potable Aqua® PUREinactivates viruses, bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium in all types of water without requiring pre-filtration, exceeding the EPA’s Guide Standard and Protocol for microbiological water purifiers.


  • Scalable Treatment:

Easily select the volume of water you want to treat from 1 liter to 20 liters

  • No Replacement Batteries:

USB rechargeable — purifies 150+ liters per full charge*

  • Solar Powered Backup:

Incorporated solar panel offers failsafe, back-up charging anywhere, anytime

  • Ready to Use:

No need to pre-filter water — ready when you need it

  • Store Your Water:

Residual disinfectant prevents biogrowth in stored water for long-term use

  • Sustainable:

No replacement parts required to treat 60,000+ liters of water*

  • Cost-Effective:

Virtually free to operate throughout the lifetime of the device

  • Durable & Waterproof:

Designed to meet military drop, freeze/thaw, and waterproof standards

  • Tested & Certified:

Tested and Gold Seal certified by WQA to the U.S. EPA Microbiological ifier Guide Standard

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