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Liters Provided


Kibera School



$15,327 RAISED
$30,000 GOAL

ENDS Jun 30, 2018

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Water well and Kiosk for Gifted Hands Educational Center-Kibera slum, Kenya.

What if you could help a school be self-sustaining?  We are drilling a well and setting up a water kiosk at the center of Kibera Slum and we need your help.  We are doing a flash campagin to raise the funds for this school in 30 days.  

We need you to be a part.  Donate, share with friends via email and social media.  300 kids without safe water only the dirtly water they can buy from the street.  We have a chance to change their world.

We are making it easy help.  Just put your amount in the box above and be taken secure site for your CC information OR you can TEXT to GIVE $10.  Get your phone out and text "WATER" (without the "") to 50555, $10 will be added on to your phone bill next month. There is no excuse not to help these kids!

The videos introduce you to Ezekiel and "Bangkok" and the location of the school and where we will put the well.  Also, world famous world traveler and video blogger, Drew Binsky, did a mini documentary on the slum while he was there with WATERisLIFE recently!  

Together we can #MakeADifference! WATERisLIFE

Would you like to go with us on this trip in July?  Email Ken@WATERisLIFE.com