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Liters Provided


The One Lyfe Campaign to build a sustainable water source in a rural area in Haiti!



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ENDS Oct 01, 2020

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We've teamed up with WATERisLIFE to support their initiative of creating an IMPACT and taking an active role in The World Water Crisis! We believe that change happens with the combination of two imperative components: resolve and passionate action. 100% of all proceeds of our shirt sales will go towards bring a sustainable source of water a rural Haiti. Just like WATERisLIFE's organization we set big goals, and the well we have our eyes set on isn't any ordinary water well it is called Atmospheric Water Generator. This generator obtains drinking water through the condensation of water vapor contained in the atmospheric air, no well needed. It uses the thermodynamic cycle with mechanical refrigeration technology with an advanced electronic control!

**** Undate 5/25/2020*****

Due to the political unrest in Haiti, which prevented us from going there sooner to install the water source. Now, due to the devastating impact of COVID19 we decided to act now and pivot the mission slightly! Though the water resources are scarce in many rural areas in Haiti - the inability to have clean sanitized water is one main contributing factor to the current spread of the virus in Haiti. We will now be providing Nano Bucket System’s and filtration straws to approximately 350-400 families in Haiti!